Andrii Skorbatiuk: ORBI GROUP. Real estate marketing. IT in real estate.

Grandmaster: Andrii Skorbatiuk

Field of activity: IT & Marketing of construction development

Титул: Head of marketing orbi group (marketing head of the international construction and development holding);

Year: 2017

Andrew knows how to:

  • make marketing work for business,
  • how to build a successful developer brand,
  • how to sell your construction project on the international market,
  • how to be #1 in your segment,
  • in particular, how IT and Internet marketing, when professionally implemented, can attract millions of investments.
Andrii Skorbatiuk — author’s interview in the program Secrets of the Grandmaster 2017

Тайны: knows how to organize the marketing of the company, using the «super resources» of the individual, the organization of the team, administration tools, new technologies and the secrets of Internet marketing.